Our Facility

We offer a warm comfortable environment in our 4,300 square foot building to receive treatment and practice your wellness arts. We have a front and rear (handicap accessible) entrance and plenty of parking in the front, side and back of the building to house all of our students, clients and patients comfortably even on the busiest days. We also have our beautiful two story exercise Studio equipped with gorgeous picture windows overlooking our plethora of surrounding trees, a warm wooden floor and a restroom conveniently located to accommodate our guests. 

Not only do our teachers have the most up-to-date certificates in their discipline, but they all practice what they preach. Finding inner peace and fitness is something that they hold true to themselves. We hold them to the strictest requirements for certifications and knowledge, so that you can rest easy while you take on your new (at least with us) adventure. Learn more about our instructors for: 

Yoga    TaiJi       Qigong       Meditation


Long Life Wellness Center in Cary,NC is a cooperative of heart-centered professional practitioners and instructors that provide quality services to enrich our community in mind, body and spirit. Each client, student and patient will have customized attention to nurture their needs to develop in a wholistic way to help reach their full human potential. We want you to be the best that you can be and we offer the best therapy and instruction to help you achieve your goals. We offer a variety of therapies and classes including:

Acupuncture in Cary      Massage Therapy       Herbal Medicine       Nutritional Supplements

  Naturopath           Marriage & Family Coaching          Hypnotherapy       Medical Qigong

Yoga in Cary         TaiJi       Qigong Exercise       Mindfulness Meditation       ReiKi       

Our Teachers

Acupuncture in Cary & Much More