Acupuncture is an exciting and growing field that has the potential to help virtually everyone on the planet. Acupuncture helps to organize your body's energy so that it helps your body to help itself better. While Western medicine is very valuable in many situations, especially acute conditions, it fails in many more ways in addressing chronic conditions. Chronic ailments, syndromes and conditions make up the majority of reasons for doctors visits. Why not try a different approach? Why not stimulate your own body's healing intelligence with acupuncture and herbal medicine? 

   Acupuncture research has consistently shown numerous benefits to stimulating the body's own ability to heal. It improves so many biological and physiological functions of the body including; increased blood flow, lymphatic drainage, ATP production (the body's major energy molecule), hormone regulation, increased endorphins and enkephalins (the body's own natural painkillers), decreased inflammation and pain, improved motor movement of impaired muscles, decrease in trigger points, decreases stress markers,et cetera, et cetera, etc. 

    Acupuncture, however, has not yet reached full integration into our Western medical system. We still need support in convincing legislators in passing common sense policy to protect and promote this valuable medicine. We still need to convince insurance companies to cover more acupuncture service for conditions that have been proven to be effective to give consumers a choice in their healthcare options. For instance, acupuncture is a perfect treatment to address the opioid addiction crisis that we are having in this country. The US Military has already shown its effectiveness and employed acupuncture in their regimen of treatment for soldiers in pain. More needs to be done to treat the Veterans that plagued with pain causing injuries though. 

   "How can I help?", you may ask. Well let me inform you. Here in North Carolina, we have several organizations working hard for the Acupuncture profession to insure that people have chance to receive this valuable medicine with integrity and a high degree of safety and competency. These organizations need your support in order to lobby for the acupuncture profession and protect your rights to this worthwhile form of wholistic medicine. Please consider donating, even a nominal amount, or become a sustaining donor over the year to help us help you. Below are a list of links to the donating pages. Thank you for your consideration in supporting the acupuncture profession, you will be glad you did! :)

NCAAOM - North Carolina Association of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine  

Political Action Committee for Acupuncture in NC- Acupuncture Advocates

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