Body Talk Therapist-  

Michelle Wagner-  is an Energy Healing Practitioner, certified in BodyTalk and she is also a ReiKi Master/Teacher. Michelle is also a Holistic Wellness Advocate and Aromatherapist. 

     Your body has an innate ability to heal itself, just like healing a cut on your skin. The stress of daily life can cause blocks which can lead to physical, mental and emotional symptoms and ultimately dis-ease. 

Michelle uses Body Talk to reestablish balance and communication within the body, mind and energy which facilitates natural healing to occur. 

     Michelle can teach you how to be actively involved in improving your health through individual or group sessions, as well as through workshop presentations. 

     Your symptoms are trying to tell your story- what is your body saying? Join with her for a "deep listening" of your body and mind to discover what is blocking you from health, happiness, success, or creativity to begin reducing symptoms for better sleeping, thinking, feeling and living. 

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Contact to Schedule an appointment: 314-808-2781