Trigger Point (TrP) Needling  4.5 

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These classes are pending NCCAOM approval and satisfies hours of the mandatory 15 hours in the new rules for classes having content related to needling and/or moxibustion techniques for every biennial renewal period.

***(The Intro to Trigger Point Needling is a pre-requisite class for the other classes that treat specific body areas.)***

NeiGong: Internal Alchemy Level 2  4 PDAs

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NeiGong:Internal Alchemy Level 1  4.5 PDAs ​   

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Intro to Biomedical Functional Nutrition

to Enhance TCM  7 PDAs

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TrP Needling for Rotator Cuff Muscles   3.5 PDAs

TrP Needling for Shoulder, Arm & Hand   3.5 PDAs

TrP Needling for Hip, Leg & Foot   3.5 PDAs

TrP Needling for Back Muscles   3.5 PDAs

CEUs for Licensed Acupuncturists 

All classes are NCCAOM Approved Courses

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