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Intro to Biomedical Functional Nutrition to Enhance TCM  7 PDAs 

​NCCAOM Approved Course

​​ Introduction to biomedical functional nutrition to enhance your practice. We will examine the history of Dr. Royal Lee, founder of Standard Process, & his philosophies in nutrition & supplementation. Understanding the difference between whole food vitamin complexes & synthetic supplements is crucial to optimized success in clinical practice. Detailed analysis of the ingredient list and the use of each type for patient success. Evaluating the difference between the wholistic vs. allopathic models of medicine & how TCM is the predecessor of modern day functional medicine. A review of the 8 principles of TCM, the 3 treasures & 3 Jiaos and how they apply to your nutrition practice. Exploration of 10 products and 10 detailed case studies. 

Goals and Objectives

  • Understanding how to supplement patients that are not getting essential nutrients in their diet 
  • Exploring functional nutrition with the diagnostic and treatment principles we already learned in school 
  • Examining 10 basic products and case studies to improve your patient success