Mahamudra Meditation   

 An Unprecedented Training Course on the Pinnacle Teachings of Tibetan Buddhism

     While this training came from Tibetan Buddhism, you are not required to be Tibetan nor a Buddhist to receive them. These are teachings that go back to the practices of the Buddha (Siddhartha Gautama) himself. Siddhartha originally was seeking to fulfill himself as a human being in his lifetime. These teachings teach us a way to investigate, as the Buddha did, for deep meaning on how to live and reflect along the way on what is important for reaching your full potential as human being and eliminating unnecessary suffering. These are non-secular teachings that reach beyond religion and belief systems. They are a way to directly experience the fundamental nature of who you are, your natural unborn state of awareness, your consciousness itself. This system of practices has been developed and refined in Tibet for thousands of years in Buddhist monasteries, however, the basic nature of these teachings are accessible and potentially valuable to everyone. 

​      What if you could learn the ultimate teachings of Tibetan Buddhism as they were meant to be received- guided every step of the way by an experienced master? This practice, known as "Mahamudra" or the Great Revelation, was once taught only to the elite students in secluded monasteries and cloisters. Now, renowned teacher, Dr. Reginald Ray has created an unprecedented audio learning course to make this profoundly transformative path available to students everywhere. Spanning over 40 hours of instruction, each level is 8 hours (4 classes). Featuring meditations and insights never before available to a general audience, this extraordinary audio training includes: 

A complete toolbox of body-based shamatha meditations to still the mind and set the foundation for exploring the immeasurable expanse of being
Vipashyana meditations that take you on a progressive path of inquiry into the nature of awareness itself
Innovative teachings on dismantling the ​kleshas (difficult emotions) through heightening our experience of them
More than 40 meditations unfolded through a series of increasingly subtle and profound practices
Personal guidance and assistance from an experienced meditator and teacher as you develop your own practice

       Mahamudra is revered in Tibetan Buddhism as the most direct route to seeing the world in all its transcendent beauty, power and perfection. With his gift for distilling esoteric teachings for the modern day student, Dr. Ray has created a powerful training program for anyone seeking to engage in this life-altering journey, allowing us to discover this unsurpassed tradition for meeting ultimate reality- and awakening to the boundless freedom that is our fundamental nature. 


 Why the 16th Karmapa predicted that the Mahamudra teachings were the most important Tibetan teachings for the modern world
​Practicing the depth of the Mahamudra teachings without constraints of Tibetan culture
How to become a true person- a unique, unprecedented, unfolding process
The 12 points of Mahamudra posture
The "Mahamudra entry protocol"- a series of guided practices that enable us to quickly enter into direct, non-conceptual experience
Ground Mahamudra Transmission: A turning point on the path in which we are directly introduces to the awakened state
The fruition of Mahamudra: living in amazement as the three bodies of a Buddha
The role of the teacher in the modern world
Obstacles on the journey and how to overcome them
How reality works through everyday life
Indestructible positivity: discovering unconditional trust in everything that happens
Investigating thoughts as "explosions of energy"
How to "de-activate" ourselves during neurotic upheavals (klesha attacks) and return to the natural state
Guided instruction in three Mahamudra enhancing practices: "Exploring the Unborn Light", "Yin Breathing" and "Exploring the Chakras"