Meditation Classes

​​ 6 week Meditation Class Series on Wednesday nights 

(Five Element Emotional Energetic Patterns and How to Balance Them through Meditation Practice)

from 07/10- 08/14   from 6:30-7:45 p.m.

Investment: $60   (Series in Progress)

Contact David Peters at or 919-274-8054 to join his next series. 

   During this class series, we will go over fundamental principles and techniques to help you develop your home practice. 

  • Breathing techniques to calm the mind, body and emotions to optimize your practice and healing potential
  • Proper lying down and sitting posture to assist your clarity of mind
  • Developing beneficial states of consciousness
  • Maintaining focus and clarity
  • Discovering more about your thought patterns and how to clear one's not beneficial for meeting your goals
  • ​Reduce stress and anxiety through these practices

    In this series, we will take some time to reflect on the synergistic Yin/Yang states of the 5 primary emotion energetic patterns

​in Traditional Chinese Medicine. 

How does each emotion affect our Qi?

  • Anger makes Qi rise quickly, so many of its effects will be felt in your head and neck: headaches are the most common symptom, yet dizziness, red blotches on the front of the neck, and thirst can all be signs of a Liver imbalance.
  • Excessive happiness, meaning a state of overexcitement, can adversely affect your Heart Qi.
  • Anxiety or worry, related to the Spleen, depletes this organ’s Qi, potentially affecting the digestive process.
  • Sadness affects both the Lung, to which it is related, and the Heart. Sadness also depletes Qi.
  • Fear corresponds to the Kidney. This emotion depletes Essence, the basis for Qi, which is stored in the Kidney.

  We will examine how to balance and harmonize these energetic emotional patterns through meditation, breath and other 

​methods that have come from Traditional Chinese Medicine. 


Please contact David Peters if you are interested in learning Mindfulness Meditation, he is collecting contact information of people interested

in order to begin regular classes again soon. He also teaches Corporate and children's programs using mindfulness principles and skills.

He is also happy to schedule private or semi-private classes for interested parties. 

Mindfulness Instructor: David Peters  919-274-8054