NC Natural Fertility Center 

at Long Life Wellness Center

     Welcome to NC Natural Fertility Center's Home Page. We are located in Long Life Wellness Center, which is a collaboration of wholistic practitioners to serve our community with our services and products. NC Natural Fertility specializes in services, classes and products to assist couples in conceiving, supporting you during your pregnancy and aiding you after your newborn is brought home after birth. Our Fertility Specialists perform acupuncture, administer herbal medicine, evaluate your nutrition and lifestyle in order to optimize your Fertility potential. Whether you are working with an OB/GYN or a Reproductive Endocrinologist with the latest advanced technological procedures or are tying naturally on your own or somewhere in-between, our specialists here at NC Natural Fertility have you covered. Here are some of the ways we serve the Triangle area with optimizing your Fertility potential: 


     Here at NC Natural Fertility Center, we have several Acupuncturists to serve your needs. We have all been trained in Fertility acupuncture and have the tools to handle any challenge you may be having whether it be Male or Female related. We have all treated a wide variety of situations and disorders ranging from; PCOS, anovulation, dysmenorrhea, high FSH, low AMH, high prolactin levels, low estrogen, low progesterone, assisting with the efficacy of IUI or IVF treatments, endometrial lining issues,  frequent miscarriage, etc. 

     Stress is one of the most common challenges we assist with to assist your fertility potential. It can be physical, mental and/or emotional stress that hinders your ability to conceive and carry full term. Acupuncture is a wonderful tools to decrease stress of these varied types. Acupuncture helps to reboot your system in order to balance and harmonize you in many ways. There has been a plethora of research showing how acupuncture assists with balancing hormones, increasing blood circulation, improving implantation rates, regulating menstrual cycles, etc.  If you would like to know more about how acupuncture can assist you, please call 919-274-8054. We would be happy to answer your questions and help you. If you would like to schedule an appointment, please use the link below. 

Herbal Medicine and Nutritional Counseling

     NC Natural Fertility Center has three licensed Acupuncturists that can assist you with evaluating and formulating an herbal treatment plan to assist you with herbal medicine. We are all also highly trained in evaluating your Fertility challenges and helping you decide which supplements may help you. We all carry a variety of Chinese herbal medicine, homeopathic remedies and Standard Process supplements. If you would like to find out more about our herbal supplies, please call 919-274-8054. 

Marriage and Family Counseling

     NC Natural Fertility Center realizes that having trouble conceiving can be a frustrating and painful experience. It can also put strains on your relationship in an already stressful world that we live in. We have a counselors that are well equipped to assist you with better communication, handling strong emotions and mood swings, and talking through issues you may be having individually or with your partner. If you would like to speak with our therapist, please call Lesli Doares at 919-924-0463 or email her at


​     NC Natural Fertility Center also has several hypnotherapists in house that assist patients with all sorts of Fertility challenges. Hypnotherapy can be a great tool to reduce stress, work through frustrations, fears and worries, help with pregnancy and birthing as well. It can be a wonderful adjunct to any other Fertility services and treatments you may have to assist you on the Fertility journey. If you are interested in learning more about how hypnotherapy can help, please visit this link to contact our therapists: Hypnotherapy

Life Coaching

     NC Natural Fertility Center has a Life Coach in our facility in order to help our patients find a path to success in not only creating new life, but also with living your life to it's fullest human potential as well. We often are living in survival mode which leads us to react behaviors that can be stressful. Our Life Coach teaches you that there are different ways of living, new perspectives, being pro-active and thriving at the life you want to live but don't know how to get there. If you would like to learn more, please visit this link: Life Coaching

Meditation Classes

     NC Natural Fertility Center has many meditation class options. Meditation has been proven through clinical research to lower stress levels and help you manage your emotions around Fertility challenges as well. Meditation can help you to calm the mind and emotions, which helps in turn to balance and harmonize the physical body and its functions as well. If you would like to learn more about our meditation classes, please visit this link: Meditation Classes

Yoga Classes

     NC Natural Fertility Center has a full Yoga class schedule. Yoga is a form of moving meditation which can help to join the mind, body and spirit to harmonize together. There have been lots of studies on the benefits of Yoga in the past 25 years. It is also a great tool to reduce stress and improve your strength and flexibility. Yoga also has the ability to calm the mind, emotions and clear energy imbalances.  If you would like to learn more about our Yoga classes, please visit this link: Yoga Classes

TaiJi, QiGong and NeiGong Classes

     NC Natural Fertility Center has classes in these Daoist meditative practices as well. These practices can assist you with clearing imbalances you may have in your meridian system. Acupuncture is a way to do this also, but it is your acupuncturist doing it through their treatments. Learning to do TaiJi, Qigong and/or NeiGong allows you to empower yourself and influence your own meridian system in a balancing and harmonizing way. If you would like to learn these ancient healing arts, please visit this link: TaiJi, Qigong, NeiGong Classes