Standard Process New SP Detox Program

There are two new options for a 10 day or a 28 day detox program! They have developed the SP Detox Balance product to be a powder that is all inclusive for the program in a delicious new Chai flavor. No need to take extra pills in this cleanse! The other 28 Day Purification cleanse is still available if you liked that one, however, this new one is easier and just as effective if not more so. 

Here is a link to the flyer to describe the three phase process: SP Detox Flyer

Here is a video to find out more: SP Detox Video

Here is the link for the complete program guide that includes lots of new recipes: SP Detox Program Guide

This wonderful guide is also available in spiral bound book form for just $5. 

Both Kits include a 72 page Program Guide with instructions, a log book

and tons of new recipes and a Blender Bottle like in the pic above!

10 Day Program: $80

28 Day Program: $220

Cds, DVDs & iPhone Apps


Being Peace: Mindfulness Meditations for Cultivating Calmness                            Investment: $15

  Mindfulness meditation can assist you on the path to inner peace. This is a practice accessible to everyone, regardless of your level of experience. There is no such thing as a good or bad meditator, but we all have some meditations that feel better than others. This is a journey in befriending yourself and a path that ultimately leads to peace, harmony and balance as you practice over time. 

Track Titles:

1. Body Scan: Peace from Within  20 min.

2. Breath Awareness: Dropping into Spaciousness 20 min.

3. Loving Kindness: Becoming Heart Space 20 min. 

To purchase a CD please contact Jennifer Catlin at or David Peters at


Embrace Tiger, Return to Mountain Qigong Video                                                    Investment: $15

   This could be one of the most important instructional tools you ever purchase. This video invites you to practice ancient Qigong exercises that can increase your health of mind, body and spirit. Over 125 million Chinese people do Qigong exercises everyday to maintain their health, vitality and longevity. Qigong exercises are regularly prescribed to patients in China to promote healing. Numerous clinical research studies have been conducted on the positive influence of Qigong exercise on health outcomes. Qigong is a form of moving meditation and has positive mental effects as well. Additionally, Qigong utilizes deep breathing that nourishes every cell in your body. 

   DVD includes instructions on 5 Fundamental Foundations, 8 Qigong exercises and there is a 20 and 40 minute workout. 

To purchase this DVD please contact David Peters at

An Introduction to Mindfulness Meditation                                                                Investment: $15

    This DVD introduces you to several practices of Mindfulness meditation. The practices were designed for anyone of any belief system. We have taken the modern psychological terms and used them to describe the method and ways to practice. Mindfulness meditation has countless post-graduate studies to back up its effectiveness of lowering stress and helping numerous other conditions like high blood pressure, headaches, drug addiction, chronic pain, fibromyalgia and anxiety to name a few. It is a great method for decreasing the negative effects of extreme emotions like anger, worry and fear. 

To purchase this DVD please contact David Peters at or Jennifer Catlin at

iTunes Apps

Embrace Tiger   for iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch                                                        Investment: $4.99

   This App has the same content as the DVD above entitled Embrace Tiger, Return to Mountain.  Now you can take the teachings wherever you ​want to go.

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Standard Process 

All of our Acupuncturists use Standard Process products and have them available for our patients.

Please contact them if you are interested in thesegreat products.