NeiGong Internal Alchemy Level 2 4 PDAs   (NCCAOM Approved Course)

Continuation portal into understanding the ancient Taoist principles and practices of NeiGong (Internal Alchemy). It introduces you to an unfolding process of self-realization by directly experiencing the Three Treasures: Jing, Qi and Shen. I go into more detail so you can deepen your knowledge and experience these arts in a direct & practical manner. This course will enhance your sensitivity to feeling Qi flow and go over some common hindrances in Qi flow development. We will have fun exploring the theoretical concepts and then practicing with these ideas to directly experience what we learned with our mind as we practice with our bodies and consciousness.

Goals and Objectives:

  • Review Anatomy of the Foot Shoulder Spine Hip and Sacrum 
  • Releasing MyoFascia and Muscular Tension in these areas to Awaken the Qi 
  • Locating the Lower Dan Tian and Rotation of the Lower Water Wheel of the Chong Channel 
  • Learning the precautions and hindrances of these practices and how to avoid them 

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