QiGong Level III Internal Alchemy

​  Continuing portal into understanding the ancient Taoist principles and practices of NeiGong (Internal Alchemy). It introduces you to an unfolding process of self-realization by directly experiencing the Three Treasures: Jing, Qi and Shen. We will begin to awaken the energetic body, and consciously begin converting the Three Treasures through the firing process. We will review the Wu Xing 5 Element movement practices and deepen our understanding of their purpose. We will begin to incorporate the energies of Heaven and Earth into our Lower Dan Tians and learn how to circulate them through our Congenital meridians.  

Goals and Objectives

  • Introducing the Internal Energetic Movements of the 5 Elements and how to balance and harmonize them
  • Review of Stage 1 Breathing and Wu Xing 5 Element Practices 
  • Review of the Anatomy and Functions of the 8 Extraordinary Vessels , the 3 Dan Tians and Jiaos and how they relate to NeiGong Refining Conscious Awareness and Intention 
  • Introduction to Stage 2 Breathing Heaven and Earth Practice