QiGong Level IV Internal Alchemy

This course reinforces the ability of the practitioner to convert Jing to Qi, Qi to Shen and eventually Shen to Tao. This internal alchemical process helps to enhance one's ability to understand how to connect to the congenital meridians and make them flow more efficiently in an effort to balance the Jing Luo meridians and the collateral channels. This includes work on the Three Dan Tians and Jiaos as well. 

Goals and Objectives

  • Introducing Heaven and Earth energies into the body and integrating them into our Lower Dan Tian 
  • Strengthening our ability to relate to pure consciousness and release the acquired mind 
  • Initiation of the Alchemical Firing Process to Convert the Three Treasures Enhance our Three Treasures to strengthen our ability as energy practitioners   ​​​