QiGong Level V Internal Alchemy  6 PDAs

  In this segment of the training, you will learn how to directly access a deeper understanding of the Jing Luo meridians that we learned about in school. Most acupuncturists and massage practitioners learn about these pathways through the intellect, this course teaches you how to better explore them by direct experience and feeling the Qi flow through each meridian. Also, we go over what a blockage feels like and how to remove it with your conscious intention (Yi). These are the steps to becoming more intimate with Qi and learning how to work with it to become a better energetic healer in the realm of medical QiGong.

Goals and Objectives: 

  • Review of the internal circulation of the 12 Jing Luo meridians 
  • Deepening our knowledge of the 5 Element movements in the body & how exogenous blockages effect them 
  • Understanding the six directions in greater detail TaiYang ,Taiyin, ShaoYang, ShaoYin, JueYin & YangMing 
  • Becoming aware of directly feeling the Qi flow through each of the meridians Using your intention to clear energetic blockages through the exit points ​​​​