Winter Solstice Sound Bath & Fire Puja   
Saturday 12/21    5:30-7:30  p.m.
Investment: $30

Sold Out! 

Join us to celebrate the coming of Winter! The longest night of the year, A time of reflection on the past year. Letting go what has not served you, cleansing past traumas, wounds and hurts. Casting those blockages and hindrances to the ceremonial fire! This is the time when our solar disc is lowest in the sky, remains still in the morning for 72 hours, and then rises again on the third day! 
It is a time of death for the old energy cycle and rebirth into a new heavenly vibration. 
Let us ring in the new year by being bathed in the balancing and harmonizing vibrations of the gongs, crystal pyramids, singing bowls, native flute and the ceremonial rhythm of the hoop drum.
We will end the night with some communal chanting, and maybe even a carole or two?

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