Ji Ben QiGong Workshop - Foundational Exercises

      In this workshop, you will learn the foundations of an ancient system of healthcare and conscious development from a teacher with over 25 years experience. He has studied with many high level instructors and has refined his teaching methods in order to better convey these Eastern arts and sciences to the Western audience. There is a level of nuance that has to be taught in order to perform these practices properly.
     We will build the framework of the posture from head to toe. Setting up the proper posture will help to create the conditions for more improved qi flow. You will also learn how to calm the mind, calm the body and learn how to sense the more subtle life force energy. We will investigate how to release tension in our bodies more efficiently to also increase the efficiency of life force energy flow. We will learn and practice eight exercises in order to establish a daily routine that can help to maintain and even improve your health and vitality. 

Exercises -    Compressing the Pearl      Flying Hands    Opening the Chest      Upholding the Moon
                        Swimming Dragon          Diagonal Flying      Cow Gazes at the Moon    Heavenly Bow

New Online Workshop - Meditation, Willpower & Magic! 

     This series will help to empower you to be a better conscious creator. You can use this presentation to assist your freewill to create whatever it is that you wish with more confidence and efficiency. These are the ingredients of the mystery schools, internal alchemy, and conscious magic. These videos will give you the basic skills necessary to use your intention, enact your willpower, and take action in the world.You will have to hone your skills over time and practice to be a real master, however, this presentation will help to get you on your way.​   Link to sign up on Vimeo

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